Speedstudy Pre Algebra

Speedstudy Pre Algebra 7.0

Speedstudy Pre Algebra improve grades and test scores
7.0.06 (See all)
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Speedstudy Pre Algebra improve grades and test scores. Multimedia learning system makes even the toughest math concepts come alive.
Great for new learners or students studying for college entrance exams Build pre-algebra skills fast! Speedstudy Pre-Algebra provides a solid educational foundation that will raise grades and test scores and improve math skills in the classroom and beyond.
Boost grades and test scores! Using step-by-step animations, real-time quizzes and a fun 3-D interface, Speedstudy Pre-Algebra gives students the tools they will need to master key algebra concepts. Take the stress out of high school math The curriculum-based lessons are designed by educators to help students understand and practice critical thinking and problem-solving skills in an engaging, interactive learning environment.
Topics include: Exponents Factors Fractions Mixed Numbers Equations Proportions Decimals Percentages Ratios Measurement Systems Geometric Figures .
Main features:
- Includes search, bookmark, and print functions;
- Features animation, sound and narration;
- Review quizzes and tests provided for each chapter;

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